Pre-Modified Inspire Controller

Pre-Modified Inspire Controller

Nodo Film Systems
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The RDX for Inspire 2 requires a modified controller. This is a pre-modified Inspire Controller ready for use. 

This is only the Secondary controller used to control the gimbal. The primary controller for the pilot remains unmodified. 


What exactly has been modified?

We remove the right joystick and replace it with a connector port. That port then taps into the internal joystick ports for the Inertia Wheels to inject an analog signal that mimics a joystick, thereby giving control to the wheels. 

What is the latency?

In our testing, we have found the latency is very low. However, the video transmission latency from the gimbal back to the operator, is high. This is standard.

Is the modification reversible?

Yes. The modification is reversible for $500. We include the original joystick in the package.

What if I want to switch back to joystick in the field?

We suggest having an unmodified controller available on standby for such situations.

Can I send in a controller I own to get modified? 

Yes. That is available here.