RDX - Trinity/Maxima Kit

RDX - Trinity/Maxima Kit

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The RDX for Trinity/Maxima enables Inertia Wheels control of the ARRI Trinity 1 and Maxima gimbals via an included Jeti Radio.


The Inertia Wheels send a digital signal to the RDX which converts the data to signals which are compatible with the built-in receiver of the ARRI Trinity 1/Maxima.

There are two methods of communicating with the RDX.

AUX Cable

Using the included AUX cable, the Inertia Wheels can directly connect to and power the RDX with one cable.


Using the included 4-Pin Cable the RDX can connect to the Inertia Wheels Receiver and the PTAP cable can be connected to a batter to power the RDX/Receiver.


  • RDX Box
  • RDX Firmware for Trinity/Maxima Pre-Installed
  • PTAP to 2-Pin Power Cable
  • AUX Cable for connecting directly to the Inertia Wheels
  • 2x 4-Pin Receiver cables for wireless connecting to the Inertia Wheels' Receiver
  • 2x 6-Pin to 3-Pin Jeti Radio Cables
  • Jeti Radio module preconfigured for Transmission

Trinity 2 Notice

We do not yet know if this works with the Trinity 2 gimbal.