CANBUSTER for Inertia Wheels
CANBUSTER for Inertia Wheels
CANBUSTER for Inertia Wheels
CANBUSTER for Inertia Wheels

CANBUSTER for Inertia Wheels

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CANBUSTER is an interface device made by Ignite Digi Australia and Signal Audio, available through NODO, that attaches to the DJI Transmission Monitor and plug into the AUX port on the Inertia Wheels. It allows any compatible remotely connected DJI product to be controlled by the Inertia Wheels. 


CANBUSTER unlocks Inertia Wheels control of DJI Ronin 4D and Inspire 3 via DJI Transmission, and enables a unified all-digital workflow with all major DJI products: Ronin 4D, Inspire 3, RS3 and Ronin 2. 

CANBUSTER now allows you to advantage of DJI Transmission's ultra-long range wireless to go up to 4 miles to come up with truly extreme shots.

Get the cleanest Ignite-designed build possible by sending both control Inertia Wheels control data and wireless video over DJI Transmission. Fewer cables. Fewer boxes. With the Inertia Wheels weighing just 12lbs, the CANBUSTER makes the whole kit—wheels, monitor and a remote head—simple, small, and portable. Go anywhere. 

Using the Inertia Wheels API, CANBUSTER enables the Inertia Wheels to control more parameters in both the gimbal and the camera. For Ronin 4D and Inspire 3 control Focus Iris Zoom, Run/Stop and more. If using the DJI Lidar system you will have AF/MF toggle. For Ronin 2 and RS3 Pro you retain recenter, run/stop and full PTR control.


  • 24in AUX to 5-Pin Cable


Using CANBUSTER + DJI Transmission High Bright Monitor, Inertia Wheels can control the following:

    • Ronin 4D
      • Pan/Tilt/Roll (PTR) + Run/Stop + Recenter + Focus/Iris/Zoom + Mode Change + AF/MF 
    • Inspire 3
      • PTR + Run/Stop + Recenter + Focus/Iris 
      • + AF/MF 
    • Ronin 2
      • PTR + Run/Stop + Recenter 
      • + AF/MF with LIDAR Hub
    • RS3 Pro
      • PTR + Run/Stop + Recenter + Focus 
    • + AF/MF with LIDAR Hub

Feature Notice

At present, Inertia Wheels FX and Playback/Record are not compatible as they are processed in the Inertia Wheels Receiver which is bypassed with the CANBUSTER. A future firmware update for the Inertia Wheels is planned to enable these features.