Certified Refurbished Inertia Wheels Brushless 2-Axis Kit
Certified Refurbished Inertia Wheels Brushless 2-Axis Kit
Certified Refurbished Inertia Wheels Brushless 2-Axis Kit
Certified Refurbished Inertia Wheels Brushless 2-Axis Kit
Certified Refurbished Inertia Wheels Brushless 2-Axis Kit
Certified Refurbished Inertia Wheels Brushless 2-Axis Kit

Certified Refurbished Inertia Wheels Brushless 2-Axis Kit

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Certified Refurbished

Refurbished Inertia Wheels are made with refurbished parts that have passed NODO's extensive quality control process. 

  • Standard 1 Year Warranty
  • 15 Day Return Policy
  • Delivery in 2 weeks (contact us for faster delivery)
  • Limited Quantity Available, while supplies last
  • Can be upgraded to Three Axis with the Third Axis Add-On 
  • Ineligible to be upgrade to MAX


The NODO Inertia Wheels 2-Axis is a wireless long-range digital camera controller featuring proprietary Inertia Motors™ inside the wheels. The Inertia Wheels are compatible with Freefly MōVI, DJI Ronin, and more gimbals. The controller has dual-band, long-range 400-950MHz+2.4GHz wireless communication beyond 1 mile with a fast refresh rate of 100Hz. Optional hardwire connection of up to 2000ft.

Optional TB50 Expansion Pack

We've partnered with Ignite Digi to create the ultimate power solution for Inertia Wheels that includes regulated ports for accessories, leverages the power of TB50 batteries, and adds hot-swapping with block batteries. 


  • Proprietary Adjustable Weighted Wheels
  • Wireless Long-Range Camera Controller
  • Compatible with DJI Ronin, MōVI and many more
  • Optional 3rd Axis Wheel
  • 1 Mile Wireless Range
  • 2000ft Cabled Range
  • 10ms latency
  • Transmit on 434MHz, 868MHz, 915MHz
  • Receive on 2.4GHz
  • Built-in frequency scanner


Inertia Motors™

For the first time ever, the weightiness of the wheels is adjustable. This provides not only a more enjoyable operating experience, but also the ability to choose a weightiness that suits the shot—or switch mid-shot with a preset. The motors actively stabilize and smooth the wheel movements in the exact same way as a brass wheel, and it feels great too.

Adjustable Drag

The Inertia Motors also provide selectable drag. Other wheels use mechanical brake pads that can wear down over time. The Inertia Wheels drag is driven by contactless electromagnets, and drag presets can be saved and recalled instantly mid-shot.


Control roll (even without the optional 3rd Axis). Set soft limits, choose a constant roll rate, offset roll to whatever angle you’d like, all with the easy to use menu system and dashboard. And with MōVI Pro’s you can roll precisely on lens axis.

Optional 3rd Axis

Shipping in 2020, the add-on 3rd Axis wheel allows precise control of roll, as well as allows mapping of other axis on control, such as focus, iris, or zoom on compatible gimbals.

Compact, Light, Travel Friendly

At 12 lbs, fully built, the Inertia Wheels are one of the lightest wheel controllers ever designed. And thanks to the Inertia Motors, the lightweight, durable aluminum wheels have the same weightiness and feel of heavier metals, like brass, without the hassle of a delicate, heavy metal. The Inertia Wheels come with a custom foam insert so the wheels can travel built.

1 Mile Range Full Duplex Wireless

Film sets are crowded with wireless sources—most operating at 2.4GHz. The Inertia Wheels come with a full-duplex 434MHz*, 868MHz*, 915MHz*, and 2.4GHz transmitters. A built-in frequency scanner scans nearby frequencies helps find the best channel.

* Users must follow local wireless regulations for available license-free frequencies.

MōVI Pro API Support

The wheels take advantage of Freefly’s MōVI API support to bring sophisticated integration with MōVI Pro and XL gimbals. Control roll, focus*, iris*, zoom*, motor pause, as well as see feedback such as battery levels back from the gimbal.


The Inertia Wheels feature a unique, powerful dashboard for use while operating. Two knobs and 4 custom user buttons keep what you want to access during the shot within reach. LED lights around the knobs change to help indicate with the parameter is being controlled. 

Handheld Simulator*

Selectively add-in handheld camera movements with the turn of a knob. Fade in or out handheld movement to create a unique in-camera transition. We tracked real camera movements for playback. Control the intensity and speed of the effects. 


Compatible with:

  • Freefly: MōVI Pro, MōVI XL
  • DJI: Ronin 2, Ronin 1, Ronin MX, Ronin M, Ronin S
  • eMotimo: ST4(More info)
  • More coming...


    • Power: 10-35v DC Lemo Port
    • Data: 2x UART Lemo Ports
    • Hardwire: 4-Pin Molex
    • Micro USB 2.0


      • Range: 1 Mile
      • Uplink: 400-500 and 800-1000 MHz
      • Downlink: 2.4 GHz


        • Weight: 12lbsBattery
        • Battery Mounting Patterns: Gold Plate + V-Lock + Ignite Digi TB50
        • Base Holes: 4x 3/8-16 & 4x 1/4-20
        • 4x Rubber Feet
        • 3x Mitchell Mount Key Way Holes at 0°, 45° and 90°


          • Refurbished Inertia Wheels 2-Axis Controller
          • Refurbished Wireless Receiver
          • 30v AC-DC Power Supply and Cable
          • D-Tap Power Cable - 18in
          • Foam (fits SKB 2011-8 Case)
          • Com cable for connection to Freefly Gimbals
          • Ronin Cable for connection to DJI 
          • 20ft Hardwire Cable
          • 2.4 GHz TX Antenna
          • 900 MHz TX Antenna
          • 900 MHz RX Antenna