Spare Inertia Wheels Receiver

Spare Inertia Wheels Receiver

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Second Inertia Wheels Receiver. Good as a backup, replacement, or for quickly switching between heads by powering one Receiver off and a different one on. 

Image is for illustration purposes only and does not include accurate antenna.


  • Inertia Wheels Receiver
  • Small 868/915MHz Antenna

Pairing Instructions

  1. Ensure the new Receiver and Wheels are on the same firmware version by upgrading both to the same firmware. If you have more than one Receiver, always upgrade all Receivers at the same time with the wheels to ensure firmware compatibility.
  2. Power only the Receiver you wish to pair. Turn off all other Receivers.
  3. Plug the Receiver and Inertia Wheels together via the Hardwire Port and included 20ft Hardwire cable.
  4. In the Inertia Wheels, set Menu > Output > Signal Path to Wired.
  5. Wait until the Receiver's LED Light turns Blue.
  6. Once it turns blue, set Menu > Output > Signal Path to Wireless.
  7. Wait for the Receiver's LED Light to turn Blue again to confirm pairing was successful.

You can have multiple Receivers paired to the same wheels. However, you should never have multiple paired Receivers powered at the same time. Doing so may result in erratic behavior of the head and/or wheels.